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New Lessons

red ball games

We have created a new game site for you game lovers. Red ball games are both clean and fun, a must-play game for children of all ages. Red ball game, Red ball game lovers play this Red ball at: Games. Red Ball

Car Games

Our new site for Car Games plays games. You can play car games, motor games and jeep games on this site: Car Games, Flash games are preferred by many car game lovers because they load quickly and are free. You also have car games.Car Gaems

Program to Recover Deleted Files

If you accidentally deleted a file on your computer or even went overboard and accidentally formatted it, dont worry. It is possible to recover your files. I'm not talking about the recycle bin. Do not change any files.File recovery

Set Movie Subtitle time

In movies, it does not matter whether the subtitle is 1-2 seconds ahead or behind, but a time shift of 5-10 seconds can be a real problem. In this case, we use a program called Time adjuster. You can download the program directly from this link or from our website,Prog:Subtitles

How to Delete Flashdisk Viruses

Protecting yourself from flash drives. If you are tired of viruses coming from flash drives, it is time to breathe easy. You will find the explanation. You no longer need to be afraid of flash disks with the USB VIRUS SCAN program. You can download the program from this link:usbvir.Viruses

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